Sikè – Spillatore a tre vie da 60 lt/h


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Commercial Beer Machine Ice Core Beverage Dispense three-headed ice beer

Drink Machine dispenser beer machine

Picture showing:

Stepping machine installation steps

1. After dismantling the package, take out the main machine and accessories of the beer machine

(the wine head wine column, dispenser, CO2 pressure reducer, transparent wine tube, reinforced hose,

buckle, etc.). Install the wheel first, hold the wheel, or lean against the wall, do not place it horizontally.

The wheel is a card slot structure, no need to screw. First use a flat-blade screwdriver to open the card slot, then the wheel can be clicked.

2 Remove the fixing nut at the bottom of the wine column, and insert the wine column fixing screw into

the corresponding hole in the top cover of the machine. Lock the wine column after attaching the wine

column fixing nut.

3 Install the wine faucet, take out the black semi-circular plastic parts and put it on the wine head.

After loading the wine column, the white washer

4 Measure the length of the wine tube: the length of the stainless steel wine tube in the tail of the wine faucet to the water tank. The lid opens

at a 45-degree angle, the tube is worn from below, and the tail of the wine is attached to the stainless steel wine tube. If it is a double-head

machine, the length of the wine tube is required twice, and the black insulation cotton is applied.

5; Fixing the buckle: After ironing the end of the wine tube with hot water of about 70 °C, insert it into the tail of the wine head, and the wine outlet of the stainless steel coil (at least 3 to 5 cm), and put the card with a caliper. Buckle lock (note that the interface in the water tank requires 2 snaps per port)

6, the wine pipe connection: This is the machine connected to the barrel of the barrel. After installing the wine pipe, the remaining pipe can

be connected to the wine pipe, pierce the hole from the back of the water tank, connect the dispenser, and lock with the buckle.

7 connected to the distributor, the general distributor is divided into A-type plate and S-well type, the installation method is the same. Before

installation, be sure to tighten the large nuts on both ends of the distributor, otherwise it will leak. The distributor is horizontally connected to

the intake pipe. Vertically, the wine pipe (connected to the inside of the machine) is connected to the hose, and each port is also locked with a snap.

8 tracheal connection: one end of the trachea is connected to the port of the distributor, one end is installed in the port of the pressure gauge,

and is connected and locked with a buckle. Among them, the double-headed machine needs to connect a three-way, one cylinder supplies

two wine barrels, the three-headed machine needs a four-way, and so on, the two-head specific connection is as follows:

9. Align the nut of the CO2 pressure reducer with the cylinder connector, rotate the nut, and tighten with a wrench.

First turn the pressure adjustment knob counterclockwise to the end (screw in the direction of the reduction,

you can screw it off), open the cylinder switch, turn clockwise (toward the direction of the addition),

slowly rotate the pressure knob to the pointer of the low pressure gauge (output pressure) Adjust to 0.2Mpa.

10, lift the handle of the dispenser to the highest, put it on the beer barrel, press the dispenser handle,

you can drink

11. Plug the drain port behind with a rubber stopper and inject clean tap water into the tank. Note that adding

water should not be too much, do not submerge all copper tubes, leave a circle of copper tubes above the water

12. After the components are installed, because the internal compressor of the machine has refrigerant liquid,

the transportation process may be horizontal or inverted. Please use it for 24 hours after vertical use.

13, the head of the wine head can be pulled forward to release the wine, and the handle is pushed back to

stop the wine. After pushing the handle in the closed state, the beer foam can be played, and the handle

is automatically reset and closed after being released.


Informazioni aggiuntive

Brand Name


Voltage (V)


Power (W)



beer machine


Stainless Steel



Capacity of Work Bowl (Cup)


Model Number



220v / 50hz( no 110v)

Cooling method


Wine temperature

3-8 degrees




47* 47 * 85cm


R12 / 134A

Water tank capacity


product number


max Capacity



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