Sikè – Serpentina di raffreddamento in costroflusso


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New Stainless Steel Counterflow Wort Chiller

This stainless steel counterflow chiller can rapidly chill your wort twice as faster as a standard immersion wort chiller and does not need to be submerge in the wort, making it usaable for any size brew pots or kettles.


1. This counterflow chiller pumps hot wort and cold water in the oppsite directions to make the entire process more efficient and quicker. The inner tube is used to feed the hot wort, while cold water runs through the outer tube in the opposite direction.

2. Outer Tube: 9.3m length x 16mm OD. x 0.7mm Thickness,

Inner Tube: 9.5m length x 9.6mm OD x 0.7mm Thickness

3. All tube ends are come with 1/2″ male NPT

Chiller Dimensions: Approximatley 180mm high and 280mm in diameter

Why you need a Wort Chiller ?

A wort chiller is a device that cools down wort (unfermented beer) after boiling. Cooling down wort rapidly is important because it helps to reduce the chances of bacteria from growing before you pitch the yeast. Yeast needs a certain temperature to live – too hot and you will kill the yeast, too cold and it may not ferment properly. Rapidly cooling wort is also important because it will help to discourage certain off-flavors in the finished brew.

Why you need a Counterflow Wort Chiller ?

The counterflow chiller is a device that has an inner tube that allows hot wort to flow in one direction, and a surrounding outer hose that allows cold water to flow in the opposite direction. This heat exchange arrangement is so effective because temperatures change most efficiently when the temperature differential is high. This method also protects against infection because each bit of wort remains hot right up until it enters the chiller. By the time the wort is released, itrsquos cooled to pitching temperature. This quick drop also gives a nice cold break to clarify your beer, and it uses less water than a simple immersion chiller.

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