Sikè – Serpentina di raffreddamento acciaio inox 9 mt


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Material: Stainless steel
Size:(diameter,thickness,length)9.52mm X 0.7mm X 8.8m

– This wort chiller is used for cooling beer or malt.
– Complete disinfection can be achieved after 15 minutes wort boiling.
– This cool the cooked wort quickly. Let the wort reach your preferred temperature for Yeast inoculation .

Water adaptor installation:
1.First unscrew the filter of the basin faucet.
2.Use the PTFE Thread Seal Tape to bind in the copper connection’s thread.
3.Screw in the Basin faucet.
4.Then screw the connector to your tap.
5.Last, connect the silicone tube.

Package included:
1 X Stainless cooling coil pipe

Informazioni aggiuntive

Product Type

Wort Chillers


Stainless Steel


9.52mm X 0.7mm X 8.8m




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