Sikè – Scambiatore 50 piastre


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Material:SUS 304 Stainless Steel (Food Grade)
WeldIing Material:99.9% Copper
Application:Home Brew Wort Chiller,Famliy Hot Water supply
Thread of Port A1、A2:1/2″ BSPT Male
Thread of Port B1、B2:1″ BSPT Male
Plates Number:50
Heat Transfer Area/plate: 0.028 m2(0.30 ft2)
Thickness of One Plate:0.25-0.35mm
Max Flowrate:12 m3/H
The Maximum Pressure: 1.6Mpa(228 PSI)
Refrigeration Capacity: 10 KW(2930 BTU/hour)
Working Temperature:-160 ℃ to + 185 ℃
Using Way for hot Wort:Port A1:Hot Wort,Port A2:Cold Wort
Port B1:Cold Water,Port B2:Hot Water
The flowrate of Cold Water higher the Better.
Using Way for Famliy hot water supply:Port A1:Cold Water,Port A2:Hot Water
Port B1:Central heating In;,Port B2:Central heating Out
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